About Us


Established in 2021 - we give you Just Because Shoes.

Just Because Shoes is all about giving you the best of everything. We believe that you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort, and our expansive selection of footwear proves just that…

With our premium materials, buttery smooth leather, and impeccable craftsmanship it’s no wonder why our selection of shoes at Just Because remain high on rotation regardless of each season.

Whether you're in search of shoes for work, a new staple for everyday wear,  or just need a little spruce in your wardrobe this is the place for you. Our shoes are designed with both comfort and style in mind, so you can feel confident stepping out anytime, anywhere.

Add a little luxury to your wardrobe without breaking the bank and invest in some quality designs you’re bound to fall in love with (we know we are) So why wait? Give yourself Just Because Shoes today and discover our timeless, elevated, and captivating pieces we simply cannot get enough of.

Just Because you need it. Just Because you love it. Just Because they’re affordable and 100% stylish.